Summer 2011

Wow what a busy time coming up! A lot to think about but it’s all so exciting! I have found a new horse which I am buzzing with excitement about!! He is a 4 year old, just been gelded. He is bright bay with a white blaze and pink nose and is called Contender. I knew as soon as I sat on him that he was the right kind of horse for me and couldn’t keep the smile off my face :)

Mum and I were invited down to the preparation of the London Olympics the other day and decided to go and watch on the Monday (4th July) as it was the dressage part. The venue was incredible and you could just tell that there would be the most incredible atmosphere down there in a year’s time. We have been lucky enough to get tickets for the Final of the Individual dressage competition which just happens to be on my birthday so I can’t wait!

While we were down for the Olympic warm-up event, we went to go and visit Diesel in his new home and his wonderful new owner invited us to her beautiful home to stay, ready for the following morning’s dressage. We had a lovely time, it was great to see Diesel again and he quickly ate his way through a packet of polos, while begging the whole time with his front leg! Laurence has also invited us down to Olympia with her this year where we will watch from a box so we are very much looking forward to seeing her again then and of course watching more top class dressage!

So a huge amount to think about at the moment as on top of all of these changes, I still have the lovely little 4 year old in to bring on and all of my teaching! Well done to Harriet Walker-Smith who gave a brilliant performance at the BYRDS Inter-Regional Competition down at Keysoe. Her team was in the lead after the first day, but unfortunately dropped when one of the other ponies in the team had to retire during their test on the 2nd day. Oh well a fab performance from Harriet and William, great experiences and a lovely time had by all!